My Previous Works

  • My eiderdown are all made by myself, so extra care and attention is given to each item. I can custom make in your own choices of fabrics, to your requirements.

    Eiderdowns By Anita Great fabric!
  • Eiderdown queen size floral. This is a great example of how fabric can look made into an eiderdown!

    Eiderdowns By Anita Stunning eiderdown ! So many lovely fabrics, your eiderdowns will be treasured and sure to be a welcome on a cold night!
  • Eiderdowns can have a lovely vintage look in some of these great fabrics. Have a look at my fabric section, plenty of lovely fabrics to select for your eiderdown

    Eiderdowns By Anita Based in Pahiatua, I can send your eiderdown to where ever youd like, in your choice of fabrics and size.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita Queen size eiderdown is a ticking fabric. Ticking looks great on an eiderdown, and its a fabric which will not date.
  • My customers supply me with amazing fabrics to make up!

    Eiderdowns By Anita Eiderdown Remaking A lot of my work is remaking my customers eiderdown, or duvets.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita Remaking your old eiderdown, i can remakie into a new eiderdown, elderblanket with tuckins , or duvets.
  • Mixing and matching fabrics can create a fantastic eiderdown! Nice modern look to this eiderdown.

    Eiderdowns By Anita I have sourced and excellent duck down mix, which is very light and warm. This is what goes into my eiderdowns. If its a remake, i can top up your new eiderdown with this to make it look nice and plump!
  • Eiderdowns can be made to standard sizes , or custom made to what ever size your wanting. These are perfect for the odd sized beds in camper vans and mobile homes

    Eiderdowns By Anita


  • Custom made cushions with feather inners. or synthetic of wanted.These can be made with a piped edge, or a small frilled edging, and to the size required.

    Eiderdowns By Anita MY cushion are made with zips for removable of cushion covers.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita Adding a different backing and piping to a cushion can not only make your fabrics go further, also looks really good too.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita

Downbaby Sleeping Bags

  • I love using bright funky colours on my baby sleeping bags. These have been very popular, and Ive had great feedback from my customers.

    Eiderdowns By Anita Light, warm, filled with down, this will keep baby cozy and warm. Fully machine washable, and tumble dry well. No more worries of your little one kicking blankets off Babies will often sleep far better in a warm cozy down filled sleeping bag.
  • Shoulder domes in sleeping bags. I put multiple dome so the bag can grow as your little one grows!

    Eiderdowns By Anita Sleeping bags, have a 2 way zip, so perfect for easy nappy changing . Domes at chest for a snug fit, and elastic in back.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita Fabrics on my page here can be custom made into a sleeping bag. These bags are warm, and not suitable for warmer months.
  • Dominic and Zachary Arthur. Dominic 3 years old. When i first began making these bags, these two guys were my models!

    Eiderdowns By Anita After the boys had tried these on, I realised that I certainly needed to lift the stroller allowance higher ! These were the first trial bags i made. I have come quite a long way since these first couple !
  • Two way zips, for easy nappy change

    Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Sleeping bag zipped open.

    Eiderdowns By Anita
  • I now have zip in the stroller slot, so no little feet can pop out

    Eiderdowns By Anita Showing the domes at shoulders, and under the arm for a smaller child.
  • sheep and clouds sleeping bag

    Eiderdowns By Anita


  • Something different . Theres no limit to your imagination! either one of my fabrics , or contact me about which fabric is needed ,and you can supply your own. Remember your eiderdowns are made to last ,and become heirlooms so fabric must be a good quality. I back all fabrics with a top quality downproof.

    Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita cute cot eiderdown with matching cushions
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • Eiderdowns By Anita Great fabric ! This eiderdown looked just lovely.
  • Eiderdowns By Anita
  • This is a BEFORE photo

    Eiderdowns By Anita If Im remaking an eiderdown for a customer, this is often how they come to me.
  • I have some lovely paisely fabrics which always look lovely made up

    Eiderdowns By Anita