Remaking Prices

Size Price Fabric need for top
Single(165x108 cm) $175 2.5
Double(185 cm x 160 cm) $240 4.5
Queen(195 cm x 170 cm) $240 4.5
King(200 cm x 190 cm) $260 5.0
Super King(215 cm x 215 cm) $280 5.5

The above costs are for the remaking of an eiderdown. e.g. The customer has an old eiderdown or duvet to be remade onto a new eiderdown, providing the feather/ down. If you are want a completely new eiderdown, the amounts below must be added to the making cost. The fill I use is an excellent down mix, which makes up to a lovely light and warm eiderdown. I can also add more fill to your remake.

The fabric amounts are based on a standard width fabric. If you have a double width fabric (230 - 280 wide) this amount will decrease, so please Contact me of correct amounts. Your fabric must be of a good quality, and have no stretch. Under your top fabric I will put a down proof which will also go on the underside, of the eiderdown, I use a cream downproof. If your wanting a different fabric on the underside, let me know and I can advise on fabric amounts needed. Edges can either be piped or frilled.

Please note: As from February 1 2014, the prices of down have had a huge increase. I am hoping in the future that this will come down again, but in the meantime I have had to put a significant increase on the down needed for my new eiderdowns.

Price for fill for eiderdowns
Single $140
Double $155
Queen $180
King $200
Super King $210